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Rizkhal Lamaau

Laravel common fields migration with macroable

/ 1 min read

When we have same column on many table, we need to rewrite the column type and name on each table, this not efficient when you are a “programmer”.

Ok, we will make a provider to handle the macro, you can use AppServiceProvider to write it but i recomended using new ServiceProvider called MacroServiceProvider for consistency if you have many Provider.

Create provider:

php artisan make:provider MacroServiceProvider

Modify MacroServiceProvider

use Illuminate\Database\Schema\Blueprint;

public function boot()
   Blueprint::macro('commonFields', function () {

To use the common fields on migration, you just need to call $table->commonFields().


public function up()
   Schema::create('yourtables', function (Blueprint $table): void {

It’s save your time and clean code when you have many table and same column.

Thanks for reading me ❤️